Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Life According to Books 2012

Just discovered a meme that seems like fun.  A posting in Pop Culture Nerds' My Life According to Books 2012 lists open-ended sentences, which the aforementioned blog author asks participants to complete using names of books we've read during the year.  Here is my list:

Every Monday I look like: The Undomestic Goddess (Sophie Kinsella).

Last time I went to a doctor (chiropractor) was because: (I was) Tender at the Bone (Ruth Reichl).

Last meal I ate was: Gumbo [Tales] (Sara Roahen).

My savings account is: Gone Missing (Linda Castillo).

When a creepy guy asks for my number, I: (turn into) The Cold Dish (Craig Johnson).

Ignorant politicians make me:  (see) The Evil that Men Do (Jeanne M. Dams).

Some people need to spend more time: (in) Another Man's Moccasins (Craig Johnson).

My memoir could be titled: A Curtain Falls (Stephanie Pintoff) .

If I could have, I would've told my teenage self: Books Can Be Deceiving (Jenn McKinlay)

In five years I hope I am: Crystal Clear (Jane Heller).

To participate in this meme, click on the link, My Life According to Books 2012.  Or you can just read about other folks' lives as told by the books they read. 

If you want to read reviews of the books I used to tell my life story, click the titles in the list above. I read two of the books this year before I started this blog so there's no review of these.


  1. Good answers, Teresa. My savings account has done the same thing, even though I didn't read Linda Castillo's book. ;-)

    1. @Debbie, this was fun to do. I may be only kid who liked the assignment where you had to use all your spelling words to write a story when I was in elementary school!

  2. Ha, I remember those assignments with the spelling words--sometimes the stories had to be quite long to accommodate all of the words. Enjoyed reading your answers!