Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scene of the Blog with My Bargain Basket of Books

I'm excited to have Views From My Highland Cottage highlighted on the award winning Kittling: Books blog, feature Scene of the Blog.  For several years Cathy at Kittling:Books has posted photos and descriptions of the spaces where fellow bloggers read and blog.  It has been fun to share with her and her readers some of the spaces where I can be found reading and writing, two of my passions since grade school!

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  Welcome, visitors, from Kittling: Books!

Thanks for stopping by.

Those readers who read my last post know that I recently visited a huge book sale and came away with a laundry basket of books.  Nan at Letters From a Hill Farm suggested I take a photo of my bargains that temporarily sit on my library floor until I find time and space to shelve them.  Nan may have actually wanted me to take the books out of the basket for the photo op, but ...... 

There is presently an ebb and flow to the books.  I bought several with friends in mind so I've passed them on, and my mystery reading friends added four books to the stack when we got together for lunch last weekend.  I guess I'll shelve my books when I need the basket for laundry!

There are several spaces where I read or write that didn't make the Scene of the Blog post, and here are a few of them. 

I read a lot while I ride my exercise bike because I can read with absolutely no guilt, no matter how long my "To Do" list is.  After all, I'm exercising!


Right outside the exercise room (which also doubles as potting shed) is the patio where a few plants make it through our scorching summer.  When the weather is cooler and the West Nile mosquitoes don't pose a threat, I love to sit here and read or journal.

When days turn cooler, I like to find a patch of sunshine and curl up on the sun porch and read.

Reading in bed was a favorite pastime when I was growing up, and I still like to snuggle under a quilt and read on a cold evening. (It gets cold and damp in the Louisiana winters--really!)  Here is one more shot of the guest bedroom where I love to hang out.  

Featured below is my childhood bedroom in Virginia where my love of reading was nurtured as I lay on my bed and read whenever I could. The furniture may have changed since then, but not the cozy feeling of reading under the eaves hidden away from the world.
My childhood bedroom


  1. Love seeing the pictures of your reading spaces! Notice a Charles Todd in your basket of books; I really enjoy the Inspector Rutledge series.

    I always enjoy seeing the spaces Cathy features and will head over there to see and comment. I was featured several years ago, before changing rooms in the old house, and long before the move to our new house.

    You have so many pleasant reading and writing nooks!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenny, for helping me start on this adventure of blogging. I have so much more to learn but it may have to wait until retirement!

  2. I found you via Cathy's blog and have to say I love your cottage and your library! I see your from Southwest Virginia and hope you're a Hokies fan!

    1. Most of my family attended Va Tech, I attended Emory and Henry College and U. of Tennessee, Knoxville, but I'm still a Hokies fan. However, they didn't start out too well this year! Tennessee is improving and LSU hopefully will be good with a consistent quarterback--but we are a bit concerned about the Saints! I guess you can't be from SW Va and not be a football fan! Glad you checked out my blog. Hopefully you will return often. I guess you can say I write about life and books :-).

  3. Thank you so much, Teresa, for being such a wonderful guest!

  4. I loved seeing all your pictures! Great basket o' books! And the eaves in your childhood bedroom are just like the ones in our bedroom in this old farmhouse.

    1. Curling up in bed under the eaves makes for a cozy evening on a cold night, doesn't it--especially in the days before storm windows? I really need to attend to that basket of books! Thanks for stopping by, Nan!