Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Competing Forces

I'm one of those people who always seem to have approach-avoidance forces competing for attenton in my life.  This time of year, it's "travel forces."  I long for a vacation, but in my mind I can't decide if it's a stay-cation I want, just puttering about the yard cleaning up unkempt areas and planting flowers, with plenty of time off for good behavior to read and relax, or if I want to hit the road!

I'm sure I'll get back to the Virginia mountains sometime this summer to visit my family, and we have an Edgerton family trip to the beach planned for June.  Over the next few months, I'll have time for catching up with family, beach combing, reading and looking at the ocean views, but I also find myself homesick for Europe right now--for our family and friends there and the gorgeous vistas.

My mind is wandering back to the French High Alps and our hideaway built into the mountain under our friend Cris' house. Or, to the Czech Republic where my niece and her family live.  Today I share some of the photos of our adventures in France last summer.

Dappled path heading down to our "grotto" living quarters under Cris' house

Our hideaway under Cris' house--entrance to the  right behind the ivy

Outdoor eating area in Cris' garden

Serres from above

Buesh River below Cris' house, where everyone swims in the summer

This has offered a glimpse of Serres, the village in the High Alps, where our friend Cris and her family live.  It was our jumping off place for our trip to France last summer, although we traipsed from one end of the country to the other.  Tomorrow I'll show a few pictures from other places we visited in France.  It's relaxing to return to France, if only in photos. 

Thanks to my husband, Ricky, who is a great photographer!

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