Sunday, April 8, 2012

We Shall Return Again to Veynes

I was going to take a break from France and write about my progress with my Once Upon a Time reading challenge, but when our friend Cris in France called today to wish us a Happy Easter, I had to share another of our favorite spots in the French Alps with you.

Besides spending time in Serres while we were in the Alps, we also visited Veynes, a village a few miles from Serres where another of our friends lives.  We had one of our most delightful dinners there shortly after our arrival when Joel fixed us potatoes au gratin, a popular dish of the French Alps, served with pork, a sparkling claret for our aperitif and a choice of red or rose wines with our meal.  The meal was topped off by a fruit salad with berries picked from Joel's garden.

Joel's Kitchen

Getting ready for al fresco dining
Dining in Veynes
After we ate on this evening, we headed to a near-by elaborate campground on a lake to hear a Dixieland Band!  It was unique to hear American Dixieland played to an appreciative crowd of Danish tourists.  We also spied a group of people playing the popular French game, boule, at the campground.

Boule game in progress

 One of our favorites sites near Veynes was an old convent being renovated by a couple who operated the site as a Bed and Breakfast.  The couple were friends of our hostess, Cris.  We just drove onto their grounds one afternoon, and the lady was very hospitable considering we were drop-in guests and she had paying guests to tend to.  After everyone had a drink on the patio overlooking the expansive grounds where one couple played tennis, while others sat talking with their feet dangling in a fountain, she told us we could wander around but we wouldn't be able to see any of the guest quarters since they were all occupied.
Ricky took these photos with his IPhone, using Hipstamatic effects:
Fountain at convent
View of convent grounds

The gate to the convent patio, which still had original centuries old key in it.

Having drinks on the patio
Side of main convent building
French snail on wall
One of the many outbuildings on the property
People viewed from patio as they lounged around a fountain on the convent grounds.
Convent wall with tower

Detail of door hardware at convent

Convent Kitchen

I hope you enjoyed the photographic tour of this site, with all its visual richness.  I know Ricky and I would love to return to this convent and spend more time exploring this evocative old building.


  1. Just browsed through some of your lovely photos of France. I saw many of these on Facebook, but not all. What a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks, Jennie. It was a great trip. We are anxious to return. I just decided to organize the photos here but most were on Facebook.