Friday, April 23, 2021

Book Spine Poetry and April Flowers

April is Poetry Month, and one of the women in my writing group was talking about the public library promoting book spine poetry this month as a fun activity.  I have a decent-sized library so I decided to see what I could do with books from my shelves. 

Without spending a great amount of time on the activity, I entertained myself creating these poems.  A side benefit was the necessity to dig through my library and discover books I had forgotten. 

Have you tried book spine poetry, or is it too silly for you?  It's kind of addicting, looking for interconnections between titles.  I have a picture or a story in my mind for each of these.  Perhaps it's just word play, but fun nonetheless.

In other Highland Cottage news, most of our plants survived our Deep South February "snowmageddon" and cold temperatures that I wrote about in my last post.  Actually plants may have had an easier time dealing with the unprecedented events of the cold spell than people did. 

Below are a few photos from our front yard today.  We appreciate spring beauty more than ever this year. 

 Rosa Shreveport (Grandiflora Rose)
 Shreveport roses display their vibrant color & hardiness

Lenten Rose and violas with old toy tractor
we dragged from someone's trash heap

Native gladiolus 

Thanks for the stopping to visit my Highland Cottage.  It's spring in southern tornado alley, so we are watching storms heading our way tonight....April showers!


  1. :) I can see how the book spine poetry could become addictive! I especially like the first one, but all of them are so curiously intertwined. Yes, we watched the weather last night until it seemed clear that the worst would go north and south of us. Your flowers are gorgeous, little spots of joy and color that make spring so delicious when we aren't worried about the weather!

    1. The storms weren't bad at all last night, although the dog had to sleep with me. We cut a couple of the roses before the rain beat them up last night. Our flowers are like like oases in the yard, the bright spots, because our outdoor space isn't well-designed and executed like your little garden is. We still have a lot of pruning to do on parts of shrubs and trees that died from the cold, e.g., azaleas and camellias.

  2. This is divinely creative. I love it!

    1. Thanks. I'm easily amused. That's why I can spend a lot of time alone. Thanks for stopping by. See you in person soon.