Thursday, November 28, 2013


I'm extremely thankful to my friend Liz and her husband, Steve, for giving Ricky and me one of the greatest gifts this Thanksgiving--leisure.  I feel guilty when I say that I took a long nap yesterday afternoon to get rid of a persistent headache and stiff neck when all the women I know spent hours in the kitchen.  After weeks of work on our neighborhood holiday tour of historic homes, Celebrate Highland, I'm able to enjoy a low-key Thanksgiving day and recover some of my stamina, thanks to our friends' invitation to their orphans' meal for those who don't have family near-by.

Ricky is working on our outside Christmas decorations--his annual scene of Santa Claus, up on our roof, riding in a red rick-saw pulled by bicycles lit with Christmas lights!  Every year Ricky adds a new detail.  The lead bike will be elevated as it takes off with Santa this year, if all goes according to plan.

I just got back from taking Treble on a serene walk in our neighborhood park on this crisp morning.  Treble got neutered this week but hasn't missed a beat, nor has he calmed down.  The cats were hoping he wouldn't be so enthusiastic about chasing them around the yard.  That hasn't happened, but he's still a lovable little fellow.


Park Art

Columbia Park panorama

Hoping everyone can take time to be thankful for

life's blessings 

on this day set aside for thanksgiving.

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