Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Neighborhood Studio Tour

My "To Do" List seems to be growing more than I have hours in the day, probably because there are finite hours in a day, but my list at times seems to be infinite.  I've borrowed a page from my friend Tina's life, and I create on my computer a list of tasks to accomplish each day.  I print it out, then I whittle at the list each day and add to it as things come up.  The most fun part is physically marking through a task when I complete it.  I officially revise my list each morning on the computer, deleting completed items and adding new tasks and events.  I've done this for a grand total of two days but it seems to keep me more focused and calmer.

Lest you think me all work and no play, Ricky and I did attend the Highland Open Studio Tours (HOSTS) event this past Sunday afternoon after brunch at one of our neighborhood dives, I mean diners.  The best part of this adventure is we never had to leave our neighborhood.

The first studio we visited belonged is a friend of ours, and I bought this piece of pottery from her bargain table.  I plan to use it as a rustic platter.

Pottery by Nancy Ferrari

Among the other venues we visited was the Meadows Museum on the campus of Centenary College where another Highland neighborhood artist had a show.  I plan to borrow one of her ideas about creating "idea" scrapbooks of the bits and pieces that people like me tear from magazines and newspapers.  The artist pastes  her scraps of paper into an existing old book for which she no longer has a use.  Her favorite books to recycle in this manner are old typewriter manuals.

(Photo by Robert Trudeau)
Ricky and I at the Meadows Museum talking to the photographer's wife, Talbot, another Shreveport artist.
The day was a lot of fun and a success in other ways, too.  Our artist friend who made the pottery gave us home-grown mustard greens that Ricky and I cooked last night.  I bought raffle tickets to help the local low cost spay and neuter clinic at another studio and won a massage!  (The artist is also a massage therapist.)

So, while I might be overly busy right now, I see some relaxation in my future.

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